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Want a New Kitchen? Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

The Kitchen, in my opinion, is the Heart of the Home!  Kitchens are by far the most popular room to renovate in a home.  Are you at a point that you’d like to breath ‘new’ life into your existing kitchen?   Planning is the most important step in the whole renovation process – the moreRead More..

The Best Way To Utilize Corner Cabinet Space

Corner Cabinet Design Considerations Almost every kitchen has one, if not two corners to deal with and my clients often ask: “what would you say is the best way to utilize corner cabinet space?”  We are all familiar with the old standbys: your mom’s old Lazy Susan or even better, the angled base cabinet.  WhileRead More..

Composting, Kitchen Garbage and Recycling Solutions

This may not be the first, second or sixth thing you considered when designing a kitchen but, with so many communities across Canada initiating recycling programs, selecting a place to keep cans, plastics, newsprint and empty cartons becomes an important design consideration.  A recycle cabinet will make life easy for this chore. At EKKO cabinetry,Read More..

Consider Two Tone Cabinets for Design Flexibility

Consider a Two Tone Cabinets design style for providing dramatic contrast and enhancing your design and colour pallet options both now and in the future. At Ekko Cabinetry, we are often asked to council on colour and design trends. This request is often answered with a question: “what look do you envision and what colourRead More..