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What Was at the Top of the Kitchen Wish List in 2017 ?

2017 Kitchen Wish List At Ekko Custom Cabinetry & Design, we are constantly monitoring current design trends for great new ideas that we can use to enhance our customer’s vision and provide a space that will stand the test of timeless good taste. With this in mind, we just reviewed a wonderful article in theRead More..

Mixing Countertop Colours and Materials for Design Enhancement

Mixing Countertop Colours and Materials for Design Enhancement In this article, we would like to discuss the mixing of countertop colours and materials to further enhance the design options and colour pallets of your current project and to facilitate future updates. In our last Blog (March 2016), we discussed the pros and cons of theRead More..

Quartz, Granite or Marble Countertops ?…

When designing a new kitchen one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is what solid surface to use for your countertops, Quartz Granite or Marble ? There are other options but in my opinion these are the big three. I hope this helps you make the right decision, as you could beRead More..