Why should I buy local?

At Ekko Custom Cabinetry & Design, we always stress the importance of supporting local businesses as much as possible, especially in these times.  You may ask yourself ” Why should I buy local? “.  Well, there are a number of reasons to support local and it can affect you and many aspects of your life personally. Read More..

Planning a Post-Covid Kitchen Design

  Planning a Post-Covid Kitchen Design has come with an all new set of design issues then we were faced with just a few months ago, the world was a different place… This pandemic has shaped the way people behave, be it how we shop, how we socialize, and even how we behave in ourRead More..

Get your new kitchen before the tax hike gets here…

  Recently we have noticed a rise in people putting off doing a new kitchen or renovation until they know what is happening with the Covid-19 virus, but you might want to get your new kitchen before the tax hike gets here…  If you have been thinking about doing a renovation, now would be theRead More..

Are you Going to the Home Show?

Are you going to the Calgary home show?  The Calgary Home and Garden show is coming up at the end of February and if you are planning a renovation then I highly recommend checking it out.  The Home Show can be a little overwhelming, but if you have a plan going in then it canRead More..

Don’t underestimate your Kitchen Renovation…

This may be hard to hear…  But If you want to have a kitchen renovation done by Christmas, then you should be starting the planning process now!…  I know that sounds like a shocking statement to hear in the middle of August but its true…  People often underestimate all the different processes that go intoRead More..

The History behind the De Waal Block (EKKO’s Building)

Our customers often ask us about the history of the building that we are located in. Here is the History behind the De Waal Block.  The de Waal Block sits at the corner of 4th St. and Meredith Rd northeast in the Riverside/Bridgeland area of the city. John de Waal is the third generation ownerRead More..