1.)  Getting Started

Creating your dream kitchen is easy with help from Ekko Cabinetry. We will help with cabinet and countertop styles, colours, features and design ideas. You’ll be able to pick from an almost limitless array of design options, species, styles and features. You can confidently expect quality products and performance.

2.)  What can I do to prepare for our first meeting?

Measure your space as described below in “how to measure your space“. Don’t worry, just do the best you can. We will come out and check all the measurements before you place your order. If you have a current or original set of prints for your home or this space – please bring them along. Take some photos of this and surrounding spaces from several angles. If possible, we’ll ask you to e-mail them to us for our project files. If you find all of this a little intimidating, we understand. Give us a call – we will gladly help get the process started.

3.)  How to measure your space – please click on the PDF for an example. 


4.)  What Next

Please call and make an appointment to come in to our showroom and meet with one of our designers for a free consultation and design session. This is when you will start to see your dream become a reality. Your designer will make a “house call” to ensure that everything will fit perfectly and compliment surrounding areas. Once you have approved final plans, we are ready to place an order.

5.)  What Details Affect Cabinet Pricing?

Cabinetry ranges in price considerably based on quality, the type of material they are made of, drawer box quality, drawer and hinge hardware and whether they are standard stock boxes or customized to your space and design details. Other key components to consider are the talent, experience and workmanship of all members of your supplier team. In the cabinet business, you often get what you pay for. An accomplished designer, quality manufacturer, expert installation crew and engaged service support may cost more but you will appreciate their experience every time you use your kitchen.

6.)  How long before our Cabinets arrive? 

Delivery times vary depending on the manufacturer and complexity of items in the order. The minimum time is roughly 6 weeks and can be as long as 10 weeks during peak times of the year. The clock typically starts ticking once you have signed the purchase contracts and final layouts – Changes made after this stage may delay delivery times and may necessitate production change charges, so let’s make every effort to ensure that all details have been addressed.

7.)  Are there additional fees for designs and measuring? 

Ekko Cabinetry typically includes these fees in our pricing to you. However, we typically keep title to these designs until a final contract with deposit is completed. In some cases, where multiple designs revisions or basic copies of the design are requested a 10% design retainer may be requested by Ekko Cabinetry. Any retainer is then credited in full to the final cost of the job.

8.)  Do you design and supply cabinetry for the renovation and new home market?

Ekko Cabinetry works with a number of reputable renovators and new home builders. We can provide our services through your contractor or directly with you. We will coordinate directly with your contractor and / or consult directly with you. Ekko Cabinetry is NOT a renovation company. We are a significant value added complement to our renovators – not their competition. We only design, supply and install cabinetry and solid surface countertops (through Fineline Granite).

9.)  How does it help the process by knowing our budget?

Designing your dream without a budget is like playing darts blindfolded. Your project is limited by two things – your imagination and your budget. If you are doing some price shopping it is essential and fair that everyone is quoting apples to apples – and there are a lot of apples in this product and service barrel. Cabinet qualities, wood species, door styles, finish, interior features, layout details, customization, specific design details, designer experience and many more factors all affect the final pricing of your Calgary kitchen cabinets, and that is just the cabinets ! Our average kitchen/home projects range from “$20,000 to $40,000”. We have completed beautiful kitchens for our customers ranging from “$10,000 to $100,000”. A rough starting point for your budget would be 5% to 10% of your home’s current market value.