Composting, Kitchen Garbage and Recycling Solutions

At EKKO cabinetry, we find that Composting, Kitchen Garbage and Recycling Solutions are being requested much more often in our kitchen designs.  This may not be the first, second or sixth thing you considered when designing a kitchen but, with so many communities across Canada initiating recycling programs, selecting a place to keep cans, plastics, newsprint and empty cartons becomes an important design consideration.  A recycle cabinet will make life easy for this chore. 

Finding space for a “recycling bin” in your kitchen may  present  a challenge, but with creative planning, its usually possible.  When you evaluate your kitchen for a potential location, does one of your base cabinets house a seldom used canning pot or turkey roaster, or even that old bread maker?  Consider moving this space consuming item to another place in the home, to free up room for a daily task. A standard 24’’ base cabinet can hold up to four “cargo bins’ with an 85L capacity (E-Cargo Recycling Center),


“E-Cargo Recycling Center”

Total 85 Litre Capacity
Containers:(2) x 35 Litre,(1) x 12 Litre,(1) x 2.5 Litre

or the color coded (4-bin recycling center) featuring four divided sections for plastic, metal and paper (88 Litre Capacity)


“4 Bin Recycling Center” 

Total 88 Litre Capacity   –   Containers: (4) x 22 Litre

If you have to sort recyclables, you need to decide when and where. Since many areas require rinsing, it makes sense to locate the center near a sink. Rinsing containers, allows for longer storage time, and eliminates odors that can also attract pests. You, can also locate the unit near a cooking or  prep area, as lots of cooking  ingredients come in cans and bottles. If space is limited, a single waste bin is also an option. Many of these come with lids that open and close with a rollout action when the cabinet door is opened. You can also look at the optional composter storage bin mounted directly behind the larger bin.


“US Cargo Recycling Center”

Total 48.5 Litre Capacity – Containers: (1) x 40 Litre & (1) x 12 Litre


“US Cargo Recycling Center”

Total 80 Litre Capacity    –     Containers: (2) x 40 Litre

If you are one of those people that hate the lazy susan corner cabinets, well there is the rotating recycle waste center with three bins with 90 Litre Total Capacity, (Triple Corner Recycling Center).


“Triple Corner Recycling Center” 

Total 90 Litre Capacity    –    Containers:  (3) x 30 Litre

These removable baskets are all built for ease of cleaning and emptying.  If you compost, there is a counter recess unit that is cut directly into your countertop and empties right into either bin.  Just lift the lid and scrap the scraps down the cylindrical chute.

If you are buying new Calgary Custom Cabinets, for a new home or an existing  kitchen renovation, you will find that some manufacturers  offer all these options  to accessorize your dream kitchen. Ask any designer here at EKKO Cabinetry to show you these popular choices to fit your lifestyle.

Please visit our Ekko Kitchen cabinetry showroom in Calgary and speak with our amazing and experienced design group – we are here to make your dreams a reality by providing a space that reflects you and your lifestyle.

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