Consider Two Tone Cabinet Design for Flexibility

Consider a Two Tone Cabinet design for flexibility and style for providing dramatic contrast and enhancing your design and colour pallet options both now and in the future. At Ekko Cabinetry, we are often asked to council on colour and design trends. This request is often answered with a question: “what look do you envision and what colour pallet appeals to you and your design vision ?”

Focusing on the “flavour of the day” can often result in a immediately appealing but quickly dated space – consider “harvest gold”, “dusty rose”, “almond appliances”, “honey oak” and “sunshine ceilings” – current design trends are intended to become out-dated.

Committing to a single colour and specific door design leaves fewer colour choices and limits design flexibility in the kitchen and for the adjoining home spaces. It also limits your options for future “updates” to refresh you space and make it more current.


At Ekko Cabinetry and Design, we often suggest that our clients consider complimentary colour pallets and door designs that engage adjoining spaces and open up the design options of your home. We have brought together as many as 3 different door colours and designs into the same room. As long as the selections complement and enhance each other and the selection is timeless and in good taste – you’ve dramatically enhanced your other colour and accessorizing options ( flooring, wall tile, lighting, plumbing, paint selections, and so on …… ) You have also achieved a renovation that will generally stand the test of time.

The first order of business should be to design a functional space suited to your needs and your lifestyle – not only for today but for 15 years from now. Once the flow and function of your kitchen has been agreed upon, we can begin to mix the designs and colours that best enhance that space … and provide the best flexibility in the future.


Please visit our Ekko Kitchen cabinetry showroom in Calgary and speak with our amazing and experienced design group – we are here to make your dreams a reality by providing a space that reflects you and your lifestyle.

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T.E. (Tim) Pressey
Ekko Cabinetry Ltd. – Calgary, AB