Custom Cabinetry – We supply a wide variety of custom cabinetry designed to meet the specific tastes and individual needs of each client. Ekko Custom Cabinetry and Design in Calgary ensures all of our products have been selected based on quality, function, durability and industry leading custom design ability. We monitor design trends and innovations to give our clients sound current input. Our custom cabinetry product coupled with our design, installation and service expertise, results in exceptional customer selection and satisfaction. We offer dove-tailed wood drawer boxes with top of the line full extension, soft close drawer hardware. We also provide soft-close hinging systems as a standard feature in our product specifications.

Whether you are looking for designs that are traditional, transitional, modern or rustic, Ekko Custom Cabinetry & Design of Calgary offers a huge range of door designs, material and finishes to satisfy your vision. If our range of standard finishes does not satisfy your expectations, select any painted finish from the Benjamin Moore colour pallet. Bring any colour / finish samples you have collected and would like to work with. These might include flooring samples, tile samples, paint swatches or photos that have drawn you to them. Nothing is too far out there – we recently finished a home where we provided cabinetry in 3 primary colours typically seen throughout Mexico (red, yellow and blue) – turned out to be a stunning combination!

Your space is unique – our cabinets can easily be modified for height, width and depth as well as design composition to provide the specific design details you have in mind. Many spaces can not be adequately addressed with standard production line modules which typically have a limited range of sizes and configurations. You want to maximize the utility of you available space. You do not want to compromise on the features and utility that may be important to you – do it right now, it is expensive and time consuming to make changes after the fact ……. or face buyer’s remorse because you compromised on something that was important to you from the outset.

Ekko Cabinetry offers a huge range of specific function inserts to maximize the utility of your space. We will help determine your needs and wants for the space you have available while helping you stay close to the budget you have set for your project. We will also have discussions with you to see how your current space does or does not meet your needs. Some of the more popular organizational inserts include Pots & Pans Drawers, Cutlery Dividers, Waste/Recycling/Composting Bins, Spice Racks, Hutches, Drawer “Docking” Stations (for charging electronics, out of site and off the working countertops) and Specialty Small Appliance Storage. With over 70 basic insert items available in various sizes the possibilities are endless. With our state of the art construction, hardware and cabinet inserts, you can increase the utility of your space by up to 3 times while providing a greatly improved access to everything that is being stored – a feature particularly appreciated as we age.