Design Inspiration In The Environment Around You

Whether you are building a new home, beginning a renovation, or just trying out a different colour of paint on the walls, choosing a pallet can be a daunting task…  But it doesn’t have to be.  There is inspiration all around us every day.  Try finding your design inspiration in nature and the environment around you.  It can be that Landscape photo on your laptop that you love so much, that favorite trail that you always like to hike on the weekends, or even from that bowl of fruit sitting in your kitchen.  The most amazing colour choices can be found throughout the environment around you, you just need to figure out which ones speak to you.

There are a few sites you can look at to help you with this process.  One site that we like to refer to at Ekko Cabinetry & Design is have pulled all the photos for this article from their site.  They take breath-taking photos and extract the colors from them for easy viewing.  It even breaks down the photos so that you can search by theme so if you think you’re more of a winter kind of a person you can check out Winter Pallets. If you think you more of a spring person you can check out spring pallets.  If you’ve always been drawn to wildlife photos you can check out Wildlife Pallets…  Now the trick is using the colors properly…

Most Kitchen & Bath Designers would recommend using the more muted tones for the walls, use the more natural tones for cabinetry and countertops then use those really impactful colours as accents (Towels, Dishware, art, ect…).

Design Inspiration : WinterNight

For instance, if you were a winter type person and you loved this photo and really wanted to use these colours on a kitchen design, I would recommend going with a:

Cabinets:  Dark Brownish/Grey

Floors:  Either matching floors or a lighter floor,
Countertops:   whitish countertop
Tiles:  white & aqua blue glass tile
Wall Colors:  Bluish/Grey walls
Accents:  Amber like tones

Design Inspiration : Flora-Tones

If you’re more drawn to a more light, summer type of image then that could change your whole use of the pallet.

For Instance, if you were going off of an image like this one then you would keep it much more simple.

Cabinets: White or Light coloured
Floors: Grey Tile or a soft earthy tone hardwood
Countertops: Light Coloured Complimentary Countertops
Tiles: White tile with hints of grey
Wall Colors:  Grey or White/Off-White
Accents: Use Gold and Yellow colouring as your accents


If you’re doing a vanity you can get a little more risky with your wall colours because it is a smaller area and thus not as overwhelming.

Design Inspiration : Worn-turquoise

For example for a vanity you could use an inspiration like this weathered turquoise piece of furniture.

Cabinets: Grey Cabinetry
Floors: Grayish/Brown
Countertops: white Countertop
Tiles:  White, Grey or even something with an aqua glass
Wall Colors:  The lighter shade of Turquoise
Accents:  White toilet and sink, then use a combination of the Dark Grey and the dark Turquoise for accents (Grey towel and soap dish, Turquoise soap, ect…)

With the environment around us, we have endless design inspirations.  Try this exercise if you find yourself stumped on colour choices and it will certainly help point you in the right direction.  And if you can’t figure out how to properly use the colours from your pallet you chose, just bring it into EKKO Cabinetry and our designers can help you obtain the design of your dreams.

At Ekko Cabinetry, Our Kitchen and Bath Designers have a wide range of cabinet species and stains to design with in order to provide an almost limitless array of colours and textures to start your project.  Or design to a selection of hundreds of solid paint colours using our custom paint colour match program partnered to the Benjamin Moore Colour Pallet.  We can also bring in a highlighting Glaze or brush stroking finish for a subtle contrast that further opens the design options.  This process can dramatically enhance painted or stained finishes.

Please visit the EKKO Cabinetry & Design Showroom in Calgary and speak with one of our amazing and experienced design group.  We are here to make your dreams a reality by providing a space that reflects you and your lifestyle.


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