Don’t underestimate your Kitchen Renovation…

This may be hard to hear…  But If you want to have a kitchen renovation done by Christmas, then you should be starting the planning process now!...  I know that sounds like a shocking statement to hear in the middle of August but its true…  People often underestimate all the different processes that go into a Kitchen renovation.  If you’re just thinking about doing a bare basics renovation (Paint your cabinets and get a new countertop) then that should only take a few weeks to a month.  But if you are planning to move some walls around, move electrical, move plumbing, maybe get some new windows, new cabinet layout, new countertop, new appliances, etc…  Then that could easily take 2-3 months…  The best way to attack a reno and make it as painless as possible is by planning early so that there are no surprises.   Don't underestimate your Kitchen Renovation...

Step 1.

Take some rough measurement of the space that you are looking to renovate.


Step 2.

Call into our showroom and book a meeting with one of our designers.  They will be able to help you come up with the design that you have been dreaming of.

Step 2-A.

Before your design can be completed you would have to pick out your appliances and give their dimensions to the designer in order to help determine the exact space available for your final measurements.

Kitchen Renovation Design Process

Step 3.

Once you have your design then you should be able to meet with a contractor to go over what major changes need to be made before the kitchen can be installed.

(electrical placement, wall placement, plumbing, ect...)

If you don’t know a good contractor, we have a few trusted contractors that we have worked with in the past that we know are trustworthy.


Step 4.

Once you, your designer and your contractor have all agree on the design, and the steps that need to be made, then you can pay your down payment and your cabinets can be ordered.  Also once your down payment is paid then we would release the design to you and your contractor.


Step 5.

While you wait for your cabinets to be manufactured and shipped, your contractor will have plenty of work to keep him busy.

(Move any walls, plumbing, electrical, painting, begin patching any flooring that might need work or getting most of the finishing work done like your baseboards, etc...)

Step 5-A.

Once your contractor has completed any Major structural changes that affect the room layout then your designer can come and confirm that all the final measurements are correct.

Mid Home Remodeling


Step 6.

Once the cabinetry arrives at our warehouse we would contact your contractor and make sure everything is ready for our installation.  If we get the okay from your contractor then we would ship your cabinetry to your house.


Step 7.

One of our highly skilled installers would come out and install your cabinetry.

Home Renovation

Step 8.

Now that the cabinetry is all installed the countertop provider would have to come in and do the templates for the countertops.  Then he takes those measurements and puts your countertop into production.  Roughly 2 weeks later your countertop should be able to get installed. ( Try our in shop Stone supplier )

Granite Installation

Step 9.

Now that your cabinets and countertops are installed, you can get your tile done and your plumbing hooked up.

Kitchen Tile Job

Step 10.

Now that pretty much everything is done, touch-ups and the final finishing work can be completed.

Step 11.

A final worksite cleaning is the final step before you can start enjoying your newly renovated kitchen!

Modern Kitchen

As you can see, there is a ton of stuff that goes into a renovation!  It can be easy to misjudge the workload involved.  This is why we highly recommend getting started well before your deadline.  It is much better to finish early then to finish late…


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