Most Popular Kitchen Inserts Upgrades

At, Ekko Custom Cabinetry & Designs, we are noticing an ever increasing customer focus on improving the function and efficiency of their new kitchen upgrade with more impressive kitchen inserts. When we decided to address this issue in our Blog, we immediately referred to the January 11, 2017 article in “Houzz” titled   “2017 Kitchen Trends Study”


Per this article, the most popular Kitchen inserts in upgrades were as follows :

1.)  Pull-out Waste / Recycling Bins                   64%

Pull-out Waste / Recycling Bins


2.)  Cookie Sheets / Tray organizer                  53%

Cookie Sheets / Tray organizer

3.)  Revolving Corner Trays (Lazy-Susans)         48%

Revolving Corner Trays (Lazy-Susans) 1                     Revolving Corner Trays (Lazy-Susans) 2

4.)  Pull-out Trays / Shelves                              45%

Pull-out Trays / Shelves


5.)  Deep Drawers & Organizers                        43 %

Deep Drawers & Organizers   Deep Drawers & Organizers

6.)  Spice Organizers                                         41 %

Spice Organizers

7.)  Cutlery Organizers                                      37 %

Cutlery Organizers

8.)  Pots & Pans Organizers                                33 %

Cookware organzier

9.)  Utensil Organizers                                       29 %

Utensil Organizers 2Utensil Organizers 3Utensil Organizers 1

10.) Small Appliance Drawers / Organizers        24 %

Small Appliance Storage

11.) Pull-out Corner Drawers                               19 %

Corner Drawer Unit


12.) Dish Organizers                                           15 %

Dish Organizer Drawer Insert

13.) Wine and/or Bar Cabinets                            15 %

Wine storage

The recurring theme was obviously kitchen inserts “organizers”. The primary motivation seemed to be to maximize the utility of the space available through a well designed array of “organizational inserts.” This planning and design focus can increase your practical storage capacity by up to 200 %, improve the accessibility to these spaces significantly and greatly enhance the enjoyment of the cooking experience !

Storage options should be arranged to service your various work-focused stations in order to save steps and make food preparation more enjoyable and less frustrating. Before you begin this organizational structure, consider how you would like to cook and function in your kitchen and how often you have or wish to encourage “help” in the preparation, cooking and cleanup process.


Consider the motivation for you to upgrade your kitchen – these may affect your organizational needs and call for more kitchen inserts. For example, your motivators may include more home cooking, more entertaining, more baking or just more family time. The result will provide an improved opportunity to entertain and engage your company while preparing the evening’s nourishment. You can also provide a more enjoyable environment for involving your little “Master Chefs” while minimizing your food prep and cleanup downtime.

At Ekko Cabinetry, we strive to exceed your expectations. Whatever the reason for your renovation, consider it as an investment in your life and home – do it right the first time – you’ll be rewarded in your quality of life and ultimate boost in your real estate value. Our Calgary custom kitchen and bath design staff can help you through a design process that will give you the space you have dreamed of ……… and deserve.


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