Planning a Post-Covid Kitchen Design


Planning a Post-Covid Kitchen Design has come with an all new set of design issues then we were faced with just a few months ago, the world was a different place... This pandemic has shaped the way people behave, be it how we shop, how we socialize, and even how we behave in our own homes. These new kitchen design considerations could be open spaces to help with distancing, easy to clean surfaces, extra storage, in home farming options, etc…

One thing is for sure, this post-pandemic mentality isn’t going anywhere anytime soon… So, I decided to explore the possible trends for kitchen design as we move towards this post-pandemic world…


  • Open space Kitchen Design

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay home and activities around the kitchen have increased.  People are also wanting to have more personal space.  So, larger more open concept designs with less traffic funneling are going to be popular.  If there is enough space then large islands with eating bars will help draw people into the kitchen while also giving everyone enough distance.  This concept integrates both cooking and socializing along with extended space for dining and storage.

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  • Increased storage capacity and space maximizers

Optimizing storage options is nothing new in kitchen design but that mentality has definitely gotten a bump lately.  With people eating out less, cooking at home more, and people not wanting to go to busy grocery stores as often, extra food storage has become a more important requirement.  That could mean larger refrigerators/freezers for perishable food items or larger pantry units with easily openable pull-outs or sliders with a lot of shelves to house storage jars and dry goods, etc…  This could mean introducing Well ventilated space for veggies and fruits?  Wicker baskets are an excellent way to store vegetables that don’t need to be refrigerated, such as onions and potatoes etc. Homeowners are even asking designers to create separate space for washing and drying vegetables bought from the market. 

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  • Anti-bacterial and easy to clean surfaces

Maintenance-free surfaces are usually made of stone, glass and laminate that are easy to clean. Some of the most frequently touched surfaces in our homes include kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinets, handles and knobs, just to name a few. Non-pores options will make an even larger push into popularity.  Quarts countertops have always been popular for this very reason.  Solid quarts or glass backsplash would allow for easier cleaning then grouted tile. High gloss flat panel cabinet doors would also be a good design option.  Frequent cleaning would still be required but it would be easier to do so.  Copper was already making a resurgence in home design but the antibacterial properties of copper could also cause copper to become a very popular material for kitchens in this new germophobic world we are now living in.  Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal advancements in Laminates Could even see a comeback for laminate usage in homes again.  There are also anti-microbial/anti-bacterial ceramics that are currently being used in India for floors and walls.

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  • Design for entertaining

We just have to except it... All of our favorite party spots are not what they used to be and nobody really wants to risk going to the bar to sit at your table and socially distant yourself from everyone else.  Hanging out at home with friends or family has become the new “night out”. Therefore, the home bar is going to gain popularity over the next few months. Invest in some good wine storage and mini-fridge to keep the party going. You can place these in your kitchen or dedicate another area to be your bar.

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Be prepared for this to be the new normal and make your kitchen and home a better place to live in. With these trends coming in, we now have an idea what the future of kitchen design could look like.  What you do with this is up to you.

Come in and talk with one of our designers and lets get you that dream kitchen that you deserve.


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