Wood And Finishing Characteristics

Paint Finishes 

Painted finishes are applied to solid wood (usually maple) and veneer (again, usually maple) or “MDF” doors and trim. Maple is a “close” or fine grain LIVE wood. Minor grain telegraphing may occur through the paint, though the effect would be subtle. “MDF” is a man-made product made from wood fiber and resins. The material is essentially non porous and “DEAD” resulting in no telegraphing and little movement after finishing.

Joint Fractures

Since wood is a product that is in a constant state of expansion and contraction, hairline fractures may become noticeable at joints. These hairline cracks will not weaken the finish.

Stained Hardwoods

Some trees vary in color with shades of white, pink, green, gray and black. Some have even grain patterns; others can be quite variable. Some may have worm tracks, pitch marks, and mineral streaks. Some absorb stain readily; others practically refuse to absorb. As time passes some woods tend to get darker and others considerably darker (especially Cherry and Pine) – this process is referred to as the “patina” effect.

Our suppliers use only the finest kiln-dried hardwoods available. Since no two pieces of wood are exactly the same, there may be slight variations in color. The differences in the grain and patterns add to the natural beauty that solid woods and veneers provide.

Distressed and Cottage Finishes

All natural characteristics of Distressed and Cottage finishes may be represented in this product which includes the following character marks: Splits; Mineral streaks; Open knots; Sapwood; Pitch marks; worm holes; Lineal character marks.

It is characteristic of a handcrafted distressed product to have variations occur in the amount of distressing. Our stained distressed product will have more blackish hang-up occurring in the rough and heavily distressed areas. There may also be some differences in color from door to door. These variations in color and distressing add to the natural beauty and appearance of the product.

As the purchaser of a handcrafted wood product we want you to be informed of the above-noted characteristics. We cannot purchase our products without them.