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Renovating may simply involve removal and replacement of your current cabinetry to update and modernize your home. Recently, renovations have become much more of a lifestyle and space / utility change – focused on improving enjoyment of your home, family and value of your investment. A renovation project can involve removing walls, expanding the current envelope or adding on to your home. The expertise required in these various scenarios can range greatly – from a “Do-It-Yourselfer” to a highly experienced and competent “General Contractor” with a complete support network of dependable and experienced trades. We have worked with a wide variety of proven renovators over our years in this business. Some of these renovators are best suited to smaller less complicated jobs while others have focused their talents and support capabilities to being able to accommodate extremely complicated projects.

Often, homeowners are faced with sourcing and organizing the various trades required to provide the products and services when they are needed to keep this project on schedule and on budget. This is a demanding and intricately detailed task. The scope of the work required by each trade or supplier can be significant and affected by the input, performance and requirements of all the other trades and suppliers involved in the renovation. A significant amount of coordination is required to ensure that each trade remains on schedule and provides the necessary items to enable the following trade(s) to perform their assigned tasks.

Ekko Custom Cabinetry and Design of Calgary understands that every renovation (and client) is unique. Our initial on-site meeting is very important for us to experience the immediate and surrounding spaces affected and better assess the client’s expectations. Once the scope of the job is understood and we have determined your specific needs, we will gladly provide a list of reputable, dependable and proven contractors best suited for the scope of your particular project. If you already have a General Contractor.. wonderful, we will gladly provide them with the same level of support and service that we give our existing Contractor customers.

Ekko Custom Cabinetry and Design of Calgary has decided to focus on the design, supply, installation and service of our cabinetry and countertops. We have chosen NOT to compete with our specialized renovation clients but rather to provide a dependable product, design & installation service to them. We know what is required for other trades to be able to complete their tasks. Following the “initial installation”, our Field Supervisor will perform an “Initial Installation Inspection” to ensure any deficiencies are noted and all is as it should be for the project to proceed on schedule. Once the renovation has progressed far enough for us to complete our installation, our Production Manager will schedule our Installer and Service Manager in to substantially complete our work. A final site inspection is then carried out and any deficiencies are discussed with the General Contractor or customer for verification of outstanding items and setting an approximate date to complete any outstanding items.

Regardless of the scope of your project, Ekko Cabinetry is ready and trained to help you create the custom space of your dreams in a style and quality intended to exceed your expectations. To arrange an initial no-charge consultation and meeting, please call Ekko Custom Cabinetry & Design of Calgary at (403) 263-3556 or click the button below.