Delivery & Installation

Our Production Manager (also a co-owner) will contact you directly a week before our expected delivery date to arrange a specific shipping date to the job site and to make sure the site is ready to take delivery of the product. We ask that the installation site be drywalled, primed, sub-floor installed and reasonably clear of debris and construction materials.

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Delivery to an inappropriate alternate space on site is almost never a good idea. The more often a product is moved, the more likely damages are to occur. The longer a product sits on site without being secured to your walls, the greater likelihood of trade damage or site theft. From past experience, you are better to leave the product in our controlled warehouse and take delivery when ready for installion.

Site Readiness

We require a ‘delivery area’ immediately adjacent to the primary installation location. We specifically request that this not be into a garage. Our delivery team typically consists of two (2) people for moving large components, which can weigh hundreds of pounds, directly into the home. The site should be protected from the elements and secure from possible theft – typically, title to product transfers to the customer on delivery. We ask that the installation site be reasonably dedicated to our installer – we are trying to work with large, cumbersome materials and power tools – a combination that does not always mix well with competing traffic and trades in a confined space. We would VERY MUCH appreciate, a weather protected space for setting up and operating powered machinery used in the cutting, preparation and installation process – having to do this work outside, in inclement weather, severely compromises our abilities to provide quality work and meet critical performance schedules.

Our Production Manager will continue regular communication throughout the installation process. He will co-ordinate between you and your “renovation team” to ensure everybody is in the loop and knows what and when to expect our next contribution in the renovation schedule. Our “team” typically includes your Designer, our Shippers, Manufacturing, our Installer, Field Supervisor and Service Technician – we are committed until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Our delivery service is inspiring – a great indicator of what you can expect in the rest of our performance to you. The installation and service process is very important to us. The care and professionalism exercised by each and every member of our team is what we would expect in our own homes. Our installers and site managers have been carefully selected for their work ethic, experience, attention to detail and the pride they take in their contribution. Ekko Custom Cabinetry and Design of Calgary aims to ensure that every detail of your experience exceeds your expectations.

Once your kitchen is basically installed to a point where other trades can perform their tasks in the construction sequence, our Field Supervisor will note any deficiencies and when the site will likely be ready for a more substantial Installation completion (typically finishing to the ceiling, finished toe kick, completion of under-cabinet light valance, caulking any surfaces and final door or drawer adjustments.) Once these items are completed, our Field Supervisor will carry out a detailed walk-through of the installation with the client and/or their General Contractor to determine if they have any additional concerns or questions. Once this has been completed, he will submit a service order for any deficiencies noted. When these items arrive, a site service visit will be scheduled for completion. Following this, any necessary visits for additional touch-ups, adjustments or warranty repairs will be noted and scheduled.

To arrange an initial no-charge consultation and meeting, please call Ekko Custom Cabinetry & Design of Calgary at (403) 263-3556 or click the button below.