The Ekko Advantage

Great reasons to choose “Ekko Cabinetry” as your kitchen design and supply professional.

We build beautiful kitchens

Our construction expertise and keen sense of design will help you create an inviting kitchen that you will love, while making your friends and neighbors envious!

Our business is our reputation

At Ekko Cabinetry we appreciate that your new or renovated kitchen is an important investment in perhaps your most significant asset – financially and in you and your family’s daily life. It is generally regarded that investments in your kitchen and master bedroom suite are two of the most important investments you can make in your home. Your satisfaction in our products and services is what motivates us.

We will make your life easier

Our designers will blend form, function and quality into your new kitchen to maximize accessibility and utility to make your life easier and allow you to enjoy more time with your family and friends.


Ekko Cabinetry prides itself in attracting significantly experienced, talented and friendly members in all areas of our operation. This results in impressive and efficient designs with very few mistakes or project delays.

Exceptional Value

We offer state of the art cabinet construction, finishing and hardware. Our product warranties are among the best in the industry. Our production capacity ensures on time delivery of a complete package.


We pride ourselves in establishing strong relationships with top quality suppliers for all aspects of our products and services including cabinet components, production, assembly, delivery, installation, final site service completion and warranty.

Showroom & Design Capability

Our “Boutique” style showroom is in the fully restored “deWaal Block Heritage Building” in Bridgeland. We offer a wide array of the products you would choose for your home. Our experienced designers (average 20 years) will provide design and function ideas that will work as designed and result in a relatively quick and efficient completion of your project on schedule and to your expectations.

Warehouse & Delivery Services

Our delivery services are very important to us. They are the initial introduction of our overall service in your home. The product is extremely well protected for shipping. Our delivery partners handle each item as it were furniture going into their own home. Please observe their effort and care, it is impressive.

Installation Specialists

Installation services can make or break the finished product. We work with only top quality, significantly experienced installers and service technicians. They are professional and complete their tasks with pride. This is what they have chosen to perform with excellence. They recognize they are working with quality designs and products and their aim is to further enhance the customer experience.